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Grant Achatz Talks MCA Exhibit, TV Cooking Show, More

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Grant Achatz, in New York to speak at the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) conference, talked with veteran journalist and food critic Ruth Reichl about a number of upcoming projects, including an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art, developing TV shows with production company Radical Media, documentaries and more.

It seems that there's always something cooking with Achatz, like that rumored feature film (possibly starring Zac Efron) based on his memoir, Life, On the Line, expanding The Aviary to other cities or working people up into a frenzy to get season tickets to Next. But it's this new confirmed information that sounds like there are pretty cool projects in the works.

Achatz said the exhibit at the MCA won't actually open for two years, but when it does he wants it to be more of a "culinary funhouse" inside the museum. He has been inspired by the interactive theater production, Sleep No More, which is loosely based on Macbeth and currently running in New York. For his exhibit, he wants to "create a journey" where visitors will navigate different corridors and hallways interacting with different sounds, colors, textures and, of course, food, as they move through.

Achatz didn't reveal too much about his talks with Radical, the production company behind the Sundance Channel show Iconoclasts. What he did say was that it would be a cooking show that would be "educational and fun" and as progressive as his restaurants. Eater National's Gabe Ulla was on hand at IACP and has even more details about things new experiences at Alinea, some documentaries in the works and more.
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