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Graham Elliot Shares "Saint Candle" Designs for G.E.B.

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Photo: G.E.B. Saint Candles/Brian Ball

Graham Elliot said his new restaurant, G.E.B., will have an aesthetic that mixes church and rock 'n' roll, and he's not kidding. When he first talked about the details of the restaurant, he mentioned he was going to have a wall of church pews as banquettes set against a whitewashed brick wall with dozens of "saint candles" with hand-painted images of famous musicians and chefs.

Elliot's brother, Brian Ball, has designed about 100 different "saints," taking things a step further by also including politicians (we really hope there's at least candles featuring Rahm and Blago). The first two feature Saint Cash, the patron saint of prisoners, and Saint Ripert, the patron saint of seafood. While they likely already have a plan, whose likeness would you like to see on a candle and what would they be the saint of? Leave it in the comments.
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