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The Aviary Adding New Beer Tap System This Week

You may go for the intricately made, ingredient-driven cocktails, but after a few potent libations, you may crave something a little easier ... like a beer. While The Aviary already features some beer and wine on its list, the Fulton Market cocktail lounge is installing a tap system to take their offerings to another level.

Exec chef Craig Schoettler said they're installing the system this week and it may be ready as early as Wednesday. Sure, you pretty much go anywhere in the city for a beer, but The Aviary's selection will eventually be crafted specifically for that location. To start the lounge will have six tap beers: Mikkeller Dream Pils, Stillwater Stateside Saison Evil Twin 404 Ale, Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars, Evil Twin Nurse Pepper and Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Schoettler said the goal is to only feature beers his team has collaborated on and are already working with Evil Twin, Mikkeller, Stillwater, Jolly Pumpkin and Central Waters breweries.

The Aviary

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