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Bleeding Heart Bakery Shuttering Oak Park Location

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This just has not been a great few months for Bleeding Heart Bakery. Back in December, a cashier at their Oak Park location was beaten, robbed and locked in a closet. Then last month, founders Michelle and Vinny Garcia caused a pretty big ruckus within the company when it appeared they were trying to make a split from Greg Mohr and Scott Weiner, their partners in the West Town location. Now news comes that the Garcias will close the Oak Park spot.

Bleeding Heart posted a message on its Facebook wall on Thursday announcing they would close this location. The note said the closure was due to many customers moving their business to Bleeding Heart's newer Elmhurst location and that the Garcias would start to focus more attention on the forthcoming Lakeview location at 1351 W. Belmont.

Additionally, a finger was pointed at Michelle Garcia's many health problems that "aren't going away soon," and the couple's many side projects like a TV show that's reportedly in the works. They said the store will remain open through the first week of May, but that hours will be reduced.

Read the full statement:

This morning I bring bittersweet news. I'd like to thank Oak Park for your support throughout the years however we have chosen to close our baby store. With the opening of Elmhurst we saw many of our regulars switch to that store and with our new home base opening at 1351 West Belmont we need to concentrate our efforts in keeping what we do have alive and kicking and focus on what is most important. Michelle has suffered with health problems that aren't going away soon and we also have many side projects including our own tv show in the works. We will stay open until our last group on pick up day, which is the first week of May, but our hours will slim down. Any orders placed for after our closing day will be available either at Elmhurst, Belmont or for Delivery to your door. Again, we thank our loyal followers and customers and we hope you can find your way to Elmhurst or Belmont.

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