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Paul Virant Charity Wrap Now Up at Falafill

Paul Virant is the latest chef to team up with Falafill to create a new charity wrap. Virant, who sources his ingredients locally (and pickles and cans them in warmer months for use when he can't get them fresh in winter), has created a new wrap with the proceeds of the sale benefitting the Frontera Farmer Foundation, an organization started by Rick Bayless to support and promote small, sustainable farms in the Chicago area.

But back to the point. Virant's wrap, available though April 30, features his own organic black bean falafel topped with pickled peppers from his kitchen at Perennial Virant, spicy mayo, pea shoots, cilantro and a lemon-garlic vinaigrette. True to the nature of local sourcing, the black beans and pea shoots came from Three Sisters Garden. The ingredients are wrapped in artisan-baked pita and costs $6.50 with $1 going to the charity.

Perennial Virant

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