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Cafe Bernard, Salt & Pepper, More Shutter but For Good?

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LINCOLN PARKCafe Bernard, the French bistro in front of the Red Rooster wine bar, has closed for renovations. The Red Rooster is open for business as usual. [Eaterwire]

NOBLE SQUARED'amato's Bakery, next door to Bari Foods, had temporarily closed due to a fire, but it is now re-opened and back in business. [LTH Forum]

LINCOLN PARKSalt & Pepper Diner at 2575 N. Lincoln closed on March 18. [Red Eye]

WEST TOWN—To follow up, Natalino's closed, but signs say a new jazzy concept with new management is coming to the space. [Eaterwire]

NORTHFIELDCapriccio's Restaurant closed last month and word is that the owners are opening a new restaurant in Arlington Heights. [Eaterwire]

LINCOLN PARK—This happened awhile ago, but Tilli's on Halsted has closed. [Eaterwire]