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Top Chef Update: Radhika Desai Leaves While Grayson Schmitz Heads to Chicago

Radhika Desai [Photo: <a href="">Delish</a>]/Grayson Schmitz
Radhika Desai [Photo: Delish]/Grayson Schmitz
Photo: Streetza/Flickr

With all the contestants that appeared on Top Chef this season, you'd think things would be all talked out, but apparently Chicago can't keep away from its cheftestants. While it was certainly a blow to our city that Spiaggia's Sarah Grueneberg came in second place in this season's finale, it has also brought her some extra love and attention.

But Grueneberg isn't the only lady chef to work it in Chicago (remember that girl with the goat?). Former cheftestant Radhika Desai had been talking about opening her own place here after leaving English, but instead decided to move to Portland, Ore. Desai is splitting her time in Portlandia working at both catering company Culinary Artistry with chef Jenn Louis and at Bluehour with Thomas Boyce. She made the move to be closer to family and her boyfriend who owns Bunk Sandwiches. She's hoping to open her own place in the next year or so focusing on a melding of Northwest cuisine meets Mumbai.

Meanwhile, looks like there's a little Top Chef Texas reunion about to happen because Grayson Schmitz is moving to Chicago from New York. The New Holstein, Wis., native was just in town to find a new home so she and sister, Olivia, can work on opening up an event space, possibly in Wicker Park. In addition to hosting dinner parties and cocktail events, the affable and often lovingly crass Schmitz wants to teach cooking classes.

"I really kind of fell in love with Chicago a little bit even just the few days that I’ve been (there)," she told the Tribune. "It’s a real foodie town. And I feel like they really support young chefs. And I’m about to pop off, so I need a little Chicago support, you know what I’m sayin’?"
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