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Dryhop Bistro & Microbrewery Coming this Fall

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It looks like after years of fast-casual spots dominating the dining landscape, East Lakeview is starting to heat up. Dale Levitski is about to open Frog N Snail at 3124 N. Broadway and then this fall, Dryhop Bistro & Microbrewery will open about a block north at 3155 N. Broadway in the former Pleasure Chest retail location—sexy lingerie to sexy food? Why not.

Dubbed an upscale neighborhood place, Dryhop will serve "moderately priced and locally sourced cuisine inspired by the culinary techniques of Western Europe." A sample menu by exec chef Pete Repak (Charlie Trotter's, Four Seasons Chicago, Fox & Obel) has tapas-style plates like croquettes made with Henry's Farm butterball potato, smoked sausage and sweet corn served with a buttermilk-herb dipping sauce; boudin blanc sausage served with sweet garlic beer mustard; layered grass-fed beef meatloaf skewers with cheddar scalloped potatoes; and mussels 3 ways, one being done with a white Belgian ale, garlic, shallots, herbs and butter.

Repak's food will be just one part of the equation as brewmaster Brant Dubovick (Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh) will craft high-quality beers on site that will be served only at Dryhop. Brewer Greg Shuff, who owns the Last Bay Beer Company, will serve as GM. Shuff said Dryhop will always have six house beers on tap at any given time, two of them will be permanent: a wheat IPA and a Chicago Common, aka a cream ale. The other four beers will rotate, but will focus on a mix of American ales.

Based on the restaurant's Facebook page, it looks like the guys are hoping to be talked about in the same breath as Hopleaf, Longman & Eagle and The Publican. If the food and beer stands up, this could be a good thing for the neighborhood.
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Dryhop Bistro & Microbrewery

3155 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL