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Rosebud Group Planning Wine Bar, Changes Management

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They already have a slew of successful Italian restaurants and steakhouses, so why not a wine bar? This spring, Rosebud Restaurants will open Bar Umbriago (6 W. Hubbard) in the heart of the River North nightlife area. The focus will be a more youthful vibe, despite gaining its inspiration from a Jimmy Durante song, and that starts with its newly appointed 28-year-old director of operations and culinary arts Michael Ponzio. Ponzio will craft a menu focusing on sharable small plates that will pair with an affordable wine list at the 130-seat wine bar.

Ponzio wasn't the only promotion in the restaurant group. In fact, Rosebud has had an entire management shift. Founder Alex Dana is taking a more relaxed role in the business after nearly 40 years. A new management team is moving in, but they're all been with the company for some time. In addition to Ponzio, George Dana, Alex's son, will be the new head of research and development for the business; John Gurgone will will serve as director of restaurant operations; and Phyllis Calabrese is the new director of administration.