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Jared Van Camp, Chris Dexter and the Black Keys

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It looks like the guys whose new restaurant was inspired by the Rolling Stones just got a little rock 'n' roll themselves. Last night, the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys hit the United Center and Nellcôte chef/partner Jared Van Camp and partner Chris Dexter were, you know, just casually hanging backstage with Black Keys Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. No big deal.

Following the show, the restaurant hosted an after party the the Arctic Monkeys did show up. The band, who stormed the UK and US with its massive debut album in 2006, hung out at Nellcôte and drank Red Stag whiskey and Normandy cider. The Keys, however, didn't make the party. Maybe they were a little too starstruck from hanging with Van Camp and Dexter at the UC.


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