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Fat Rosie's, Sushi Luxe, Centro, More Close Their Doors

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ST. CHARLESFat Rosie's Taco & Tequila Bar, a suburban Mexican restaurant owned by Scott Harris and Jimmy Bannos, closed last week. The duo apparently likes the concept, but the location just wasn't very strong. They're exploring opening it somewhere else. [EaterWire]

ANDERSONVILLE—Upscale sushi spot, Sushi Luxe, has closed. Sister spot, New Tokyo in Lakeview, remains open. [A-Ville Daily]

LAKEVIEWCentro, a "global appetizer lounge" that opened last spring at 3819 N. Ashland, has been sold and is now closed. Owner Jeff Vasilas, who said he recently purchased Stone Lotus, said he thinks the new owners will convert it into a sports bar. [EaterWire]

EVANSTONNeu Uber Burger (618 Church) has closed. Its phone is disconnected and its website is down. [LTH Forum]

DEERFIELD—Due to the slagging economy, George's What's Cooking shuttered earlier this month. Owners George and Vicky Christakis defaulted on the restaurant's mortgage and had to close after owning it for 13 years. [Sun-Times]