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Food Connects Diners While Giving Back

Sure rating two people side by side on a hot-or-not website might be shallow, but with food you're really not hurting anyone's feeling. And with the case of, when you rate the food, you actually help people. is a new platform from the folks at Food Genius, which has created a vast database of restaurant dishes to track diner behavior.

The goal of is to let people have a little fun while helping feed the hungry. The clicks add up and when each user clicks on the app 12 times a meal gets donated to Feeding America. To start, Food Genius wants to donate 4,000 meals a month and help end hunger in the U.S. "Food is just fun; it's kind of like a 'hot-or-not' for dishes," said Food Genius CEO Justin Massa. "We wanted to make something that was fun and addictive while at the same time helping to contribute funds to a great charity." Blowing off work for a few minutes during the day just got easier.