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Hottest Chef Continues Round 1, Set 6: Verrier, Carney, Bagale, Caron, Flanigan

Hottest-chef-2012-logo.jpgOnly a few more days to go in the first round voting for Eater's Hottest Chef in Chicago competition. Yesterday's heat saw a landslide win for Girl & The Goat's Dave Ochs, who took more than 50 percent of the votes, blowing away his competition. That's the power of social media, kids. If you see someone you like, get the word out.

Up next we have 2011 hottest chef winner Merlin Verrier (Graham Elliot), Jessica Carney (GT Fish & Oyster), Mike Bagale (Alinea), Bryce Caron (Blackbird) and Dirk Flanigan (Henri, The Gage). Who will move on? Only you can decide ... so go vote!

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