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Guiseppe Tentori Owes Rick Gresh—and You?—Dinner

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Rick Gresh/Giuseppe Tentori

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Giuseppe Tentori (GT Fish & Oyster) and Rick Gresh (David Burke's Primehouse), both good friends and both rabid football fans, did a whole lot of shit talking over Twitter on whose team would win the big game. Tentori backed New England and Gresh was all over the Giants. The pair made a wager: whoever's team lost had to prepare staff meal for the other chef's staff at the winning chef's restaurant.

Well, unless you turned off the game after Madonna disappeared into that hole in the stage, you know that New York beat the Patriots and, well, now Tentori has to prepare a feast for Gresh and his crew. So, why should you care what two chefs are doing? Well, you may get to join Gresh for the Super Bowl Family Meal Showdown.

If you want to join Gresh and company for comida, as family meal is often referred to in the industry, simply re-tweet some smack talk by @RickGresh and/or @GiuseppeTentori today to be entered. Two lucky Eater readers plus a guest each will be randomly selected by the end of the day Thursday. The winners will receive a personal invitation from the chefs revealing the date and time of the dinner. Ready to try for a backstage pass into the kitchen?