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Hottest Chef Continues Round 1, Set 5: Tentori, Foss, Roberts, Jurado, Ochs

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Hottest-chef-2012-logo.jpgWell, we've reached the halfway mark in Eater's Hottest Chef in Chicago competition. Four chefs have advanced to the semi-finals with Johnny Anderes' win today. Anderes moved into the next phase by taking almost 300 of the nearly 1,000 votes cast. He narrowly beat out runner-up Amanda Rockman by about 40 votes. Close race!

So who's up next? Today we have Giuseppe Tentori (GT Fish & Oyster), Phillip Foss (EL), Toni Roberts (The Wit), Harold Jurado (Chizakaya) and Dave Ochs (Girl & The Goat). Who will move on? Only you can tell ... so go vote!

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