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Del Frisco's Steak House Taking Over Old Esquire Theater

Chicago needs another big steak house chain like we all need another hole in the head, but Texas-based Del Frisco's Restaurant Group is planning to open a massive Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House in the former Esquire Theater space on Oak Street in December.

The group, which also owns and operates Sullivan's Steakhouse, has apparently scouted sites for years here and plans to renovate and restore the Esquire building and even keep the iconic movie theater sign that hangs out front. The planned 23,000 square-foot restaurant will source its steaks from Chicago's Stock Yards and will feature only USDA Prime meat on their menu. Del Frisco's has nine other locations around the country and often seeks out unique locations, like a former bank building where their Philadelphia location resides. At this time, a chef has not been attached to the restaurant.

[Photo: Del Frisco's Philadelphia location is housed in a former bank.]

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House

58 E. Oak St., Chicago, IL