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Hottest Chef Continues Round 1, Set 4: Anderes, Rockman, LaRoche, Jupiter, Van Camp

Hottest-chef-2012-logo.jpgAfter another round of voting on Friday, Blackbird's David Posey beat out runner-up Curtis Duffy by just more than 20 votes, propelling Posey into the semi-finals. It was actually a bit quieter round compared to the first two, which were both pretty heated so c'mon people: get thee to the polls!

Stepping up to bat in this round: Johnny Anderes (Telegraph), Amanda Rockman (Bristol/Balena), Ryan LaRoche (NoMI Kitchen), Brian Jupiter (Frontier) and Jared Van Camp (Old Town Social/Nellcôte). Get ready to vote!

Poll results

VOTING UPDATE:—This poll was accidentally left open until Friday Feb. 10, after Johnny Anderes had won. Because the poll was left open, people were still allowed to vote, which is why Amanda Rockman is showing as the winner. Much apologies to Anderes and Rockman for any confusion.