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GEBTestKitchen Spoofs Graham Elliot on Twitter

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Will the real Graham Elliot please stand up? Similar to the @mayoremanuel parody Twitter handle (which is no longer active), it looks like someone is trying to get one over on the MasterChef judge. In the last 24 hours, the @GEBTestKitchen twitter feed went up and has been posting some pretty funny stuff mocking Elliot and pretending to be a handle for his forthcoming restaurant, GEB.

The tweeter is posting recipes, inspiration for new dishes and more. One recipe: "Tempura fried Vampire Bat, white asparagus, sphereified guano, cave aged gouda, caraway dirt, microdandelion blossoms," and a new technique, "I can't divulge what gas will fill it but let's just say I've been eating a ton of White Castle in preparation" are just two examples. Elliot's response: "Wish I was that creative!"
· @GEBTestKitchen [Twitter]

Graham Elliot

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