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Gail Simmons Hosting Common Threads Dinner Mar. 11

Whether you have kids, like kids or maybe know a kid or two, one thing is certain: All kids deserve the chance to learn, grow and thrive. Common Threads strives to enrich kids' lives by teaching how to cook, garden and more or less learn responsibility. Top Chef judge Gail Simmons will be in town to host an event at the James Hotel on March 11 where Common Threads kids will pair up with local chefs to prepare dishes that will be served during the family-style meal at communal tables.

Chefs like Todd Stein (The Florentine), Heather Terhune (Sable Kitchen), Rick Gresh (Primehouse), Jason Hammel (Lula Cafe), Bill Kim (Belly Shack), Matthias Merges (Yusho), Carol Watson (Milk & Honey), Mike and Patrick Sheerin (The Trenchermen) and more will work with the kids to prepare dishes. Tickets to the event are $250 (yes, it's pricy but hey, it's for the kids) while $500 gets you into a private VIP event to meet Simmons and talk about her new book, Talking With My Mouth Full: My Life as a Professional Eater. Get your tickets online now.