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Butcher & the Burger Delivers Limitless Burgers; BLT American Brasserie is Glorified Applebee's

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Butcher & the Burger
Butcher & the Burger
Photo: Martha Williams

You can truly have it your way at Butcher & the Burger, writes Michael Nagrant. The new burger shop in Lincoln Park has an endless amount of options that makes “one of the top 10 burgers” he’s had in the last few years. The “slightly gamey funk” of the pork burger tempered by the sweet and hot notes of curry and honey, makes it the “best burger at B&B.” Fries are “crispy outside/cloud-like inside” spuds and the Benton’s country ham salad is the “greatest marriage of pork and mayo since the BLT.” If you’re anxious about making choices though, you better “double up on your Xanax.” [Sun-Times]

Mike Sula thinks BLT American Brasserie is a “souped-up Applebee’s.” The “splatter-wound” menu has nothing compelling, as almost everything is “consistently galling.” Sushi is stuffed with dull fish masked by sauces or avocado filler and the overtopped fennel-sausage pizzetta highlights the “unsalted, tongue-dulling tedium.” Creamed spinach “fondue” is swamped in watery, cheesy “muck” while a red snapper ceviche soaks “sourly” in its bowl. Sounds harsh, but at least it might have the best blooming onion in the city. [Reader]

Hota’s Sunday night fried chicken dinner is the star of the restaurant. David Tamarkin sits down to enjoy darkly fried chicken that has a “thick, well-spiced crust and impossibly juicy flesh.” Other dishes on the menu are more off the mark such as the mussels with the “flavor of polluted water” and the boring rack of lamb. Surprises include a “really vibrant” plate of langoustines and “comforting” plate of three types of gnocchi. Desserts are also delicious— a pear tart served with ginger puree, and citrus-kissed doughnuts “oozing” with cream. [TOC]

Eater Chicago intern Jeffy Mai contributed this article.

BLT American Brasserie

500 W Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654 312 948 8744