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Top Chef Recap: Let the Culinary Games Begin

Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to know what happened on last night's episode of Top Chef, stop reading now.

This week the four remaining chefs made their way to British Columbia looking well rested and clean. After reuniting, they got in their Toyota (of course) and found a note from Padma Lakshmi that instructed them to head to Whistler mountain. Once they arrived they took the gondola up to the top of the mountain where they were greeted by Padma, Tom Colicchio and a whole lot of wind and snow. It was there they were instructed that they would compete in three Olympic-like challenges (given the recent Vancouver Olympics).

The first challenge was to make a dish while riding the Peak to Peak gondola between Whistler and Blackcomb mountain. At Blackcomb they were instructed to grab an ingredient before heading back to Whistler. All of the chefs made pretty good dishes, but ultimately Lindsay Autry won the challenge sending her to the finals.

The second challenge had Paul Qui, Beverly Kim and Sarah Grueneberg using ice picks to break through blocks of solid ice to get the ingredients they wanted to use. Qui helped out the ladies breaking the blocks and in the end he won the challenge.

On to the final round which pinned Kim and Grueneberg against each other. Kim wanted to prove she was worthy, and Gruenberg wasn't shy admitting that she knew Kim would be tough competition. The challenge found the ladies cross country skiing and then shooting targets for specific ingredients. What any of that had to do with cooking is still unclear. Kim seems to be more successful in the shooting part, but in the end Grueneberg makes a better dish with her ingredients of Rabbit (which she braises), cherry and hazelnuts. Kim goes home and Grueneberg is left to represent Chicago in the finals. Let's hope she sticks around for the next two episodes!