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Artizone Makes it Easy to Shop Local, Artisanal

There is a new delivery service in town that may just make it easier for you to cook like a chef in your own home, without the legwork of going to multiple stores to source the best ingredients. Launching today, Artizone, an online grocery shop and delivery service, allows you to search multiple local food vendors to purchase items from, and with just a few clicks, have those selections delivered straight to your door. Whether it be the basics like eggs and milk or something more gourmet like handmade pasta and chocolate truffles, Artizone will pick up the goods for you and depending on your order, get them to you later that afternoon or the following day.

For their launch, Artizone has partnered with: Green Grocer Chicago, Gepperth's Meat Market, Katherine Anne Confections, Pasta Puttana,The Great American Cheese Collection , Italian Superior Bakery, Hendrickx Belgian Bread, and Hagen's Fish Market. They plan to add new vendors each month.

Artizone goes beyond just shopping and also includes product reviews and a recipe page so you can see what others are making as well. You can also shop by specific store or by department to make sure you are getting everything you desire. The website is offering free shipping through today, so go ahead and give it a try.