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Eatt, China Grill, More Close

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RIVER NORTHEatt shuttered its doors on Sunday after service. The Rosebud group plans to re-concept the restaurant into a wine bar and reopen later this year. [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWNThe Hard Rock Hotel has ended its relationship with China Grill which closed last month after eight years. [Crains]

WICKER PARK— The short lived frozen yogurt shop, Yo-Lite, located blocks from Forever Yogurt has closed. [Eaterwire]

LOGAN SQUAREAccanto, an Italian spot on Milwaukee closed in January. It'll reopen as a Thai place. [Grub Street/LTH]

LONG GROVEApple Haus closed in December after over 35 years in business. They plan to continue to sell frozen pies. [TribLocal]

ALBANY PARK— Mexican restaurant Tortilla de Oro has closed its doors. [LTH Forum]

Eatt [Photo: Citysearch]