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Hottest Chef Semi Finals: Hoyte, Simcik, Posey, Anderes


Hottest-chef-2012-logo.jpgWhat a way to lead out of the first round voting! On Friday, things were super close between Michael Simmons (Lula Cafe) and John Vermiglio (Table Fifty-Two). More than 2,700 votes were cast and only 31 votes separated the two front runners. In the end, with 1,188 votes, Vermiglio clinched his spot in the semi finals, which kick off ... now.

So who will move into the final round of voting in Eater's second annual Hottest Chef in Chicago competition? In the first heat of the semi finals we have Trevor Hoyte (IPO), Derek Simcik (Atwood Cafe), David Posey (Blackbird) and Johnny Anderes (Telegraph). Who will move on? Only you can decide ... so go vote!

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