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Justin Large's Big Star Charity Wrap Now on at Falafill

Falafill's charity-wrap extravaganza continues this month with the introduction of a new wrap by Big Star chef de cuisine Justin Large. Large, who has selected the American Cancer Society for his charity, made a wrap comprising classic falafel tossed in Large's arbol sauce (arbol chiles, vinegar and spices) wrapped up with black bean hummus, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickled red onion and queso fresco.

Large follows a line of other great chefs, like Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia), Bill Kim (Urban Belly) and Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat), contributing their creativity to help raise money for charity. For each wrap sold during any given month, Falafill donates $1 to that chef's selected charity. And speaking of giving away, Falafill will give you a free cup of lentil soup with your purchase of any falafel pocket or bowl every time it snows between now and the start of spring.

Justin Large [Photo: Jamco Creative]