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Next Setting Up Waiting Room for Season Ticket Sales, Outlines Package and Pricing Structure

In an effort to man the madness that has been known to crash the Internet their website in the past, Next will set up a virtual waiting room for when season tickets go on sale for the next three menu concepts: elBulli (2/8 - 5/27), Sicily (6/2 - 9/9) and Kyoto (9/15 - 12/31).

Only 50 people will be allowed to select a ticketing package at anytime. If you can't get into the ticket sales room, you can enter your email and will then be notified by email when you can enter the waiting room (no-brainer: check your spam folder). At that point, you'll have one hour to complete your transaction. Don't hit refresh. Don't try to generate more than one email. Both infractions will send you to the back of the line. And it'll be a long line. Note that season tickets will be limited to one package per account.

As previously reported, season tickets will account for about 50 seats out of about 62 per night (two of those will be auctioned off to benefit the University of Chicago Cancer Center). Season tickets will be sold in packages where ticket holders will get three individual tickets for a table for two, four or six people (the latter is only for the kitchen table) for each menu through 2012.

Regardless of where you sit or when you go for the elBulli menu, the ticket for the 29-course menu with drink pairings will be $365 per person (plus tax and tip, which is automatically figured into the price upon purchase). Ticket prices for Sicily and Kyoto will range from $85 to $165 depending on day and time and drink pairings will cost an additional $48 for non-alcoholic, $68 for regular wine pairings and $90 for reserve wine pairings. Got all that? So now you just have to wait for the tickets to go on sale, which could happen at any time.

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