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McCaskey Wants to Open a 'Clubby Little Restaurant'

As the youngest restaurant on the scene to be awarded a Michelin star last month, Acadia chef/owner Ryan McCaskey has a lot to be proud of. Acadia was awarded a Michelin star after being open for just 10 months, but McCaskey says he has no plans to slow down. "It's a great accomplishment. We're all happy and proud," he tells Eater. "We're trying to take this as far as we can. I'm not going to slack or half ass. It would be a disservice to my staff to do anything less than make it everything it can be. The push for two stars is on."

McCaskey's long-term goal is to make Acadia the cornerstone of his restaurant empire and branch out into more casual endeavors. "I want to open up a bar and a more casual spot. A dingy clubby little restaurant. I want to open a breakfast/lunch place. Right now I'm kind of in the mood to open up a killer bar with family meal food," he says.

Sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from McCaskey.

Update: When McCaskey was interviewed for this piece he was under the mistaken impression that his interview would not be made public. Writer Mindy Yahr Jaffe by no mean intentionally tricked him into speaking on the record. Though McCaskey's PR says none of this information is true, he did say the above quotes.
—Mindy Yahr Jaffe
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