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The Most Commented Stories on Eater Chicago in 2012

Steve Dolinsky [Photo: Todd Rosenberg]/Graham Elliot
2012 was (and continues to be) a landmark year for commenters on Eater Chicago. Whether it was on Charlie Trotter's shenanigans or arguments about voting for Chicago's finest, readers (and writers) came out in droves this year to voice their opinions. Two posts even broke the hallowed 100-comment barrier, and 2013 is promising even more polarizing stories and subsequent opinions.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most-commented posts of 2012. Comment away, of course.

1. [104 Comments] Justin Anderson on La Sirena Clandestina's Drink Program
2. [101 Comments] Call for Nominations for Best Designed Restaurant
3. [95 Comments] Vote Now for Chicago's Bartender of the Year 2012
4. [94 Comments] 2013 Michelin Guide Chicago Star Ratings Unleashed
5. [82 Comments] Developing: Craig Schoettler Let Go From the Aviary
6. [72 Comments] Charlie Trotter Wreaks Havoc at His Restaurant Auction
7. [68 Comments] Graham Elliot Kicks Steve Dolinsky Out of G.E.B. During Lunch, Defends Position
8. [63 Comments] What Are Chicago's Best Bloody Marys?
9. [59 Comments] Michelle Garcia Lands at E. Leaven
10. [59 Comments] Time to Vote: Choose Chicago's Chef of the Year

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