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Curbed Awards Recap; Curbed Cup 2012 Finale; More

And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's neighborhoods and real estate...


CURBED AWARDS— Curbed's sojourn through the 2012 history books is a wrap. Visit or revisit the honorees for such categories as best renovation, most hideous listing, best high-rise, architect of the year, and renegade agent.

CURBED CUP— The Curbed Cup is winding down too, and voting for the neighborhood of the year is in hyperdrive with Avondale vs. Rogers Park in the grand finale. Polls are open through the long weekend. Get 'er done!

NEAR WEST SIDE— A Northbrook developer with ties to Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf is looking to build 52 market-rate apartments opposite Union Park at Ashland & Warren. This kind of operation is a rarity in the vicinity of United Center, but portends a slew of Bulls-affiliated development on bits of surface lot (with many more acres to spare).

BRIDGEPORT— Occasionally, as if by random selection, someone plunks down their dream mansion in an unlikely part of town. Enter this abhorrent 9,000-square-footer in modest Bridgeport. Cycling on and off the market, it was once listed for $2.8M, but can now be yours for $2.1M— only 10 times the neighborhood average.