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Saint Laurent, Brioni and Tom Ford Cometh; Louboutin's First Sale

And now the latest from Chicago's favorite style blog, Racked Chicago, reporting on everything 'fance-in-the-pants' from the sidewalks up...

2012-12-14-YSL-Saint-Laurent-Chicago-Rush-Street-Gold-Coast.jpg[Two looks from Saint Laurent, Spring '13 via Getty]

GOLD COAST- YSL has died and risen and will reopen again in Chicago on Rush Street in the Waldorf Astoria under the new and improved name, Saint Laurent.

GOLD COAST- From what we hear, Phase II of the Esquire Theater on Oak Street will be all about chest hairTom Ford.

GOLD COAST- Around the corner and across the street from the new Saint Laurent store in the Waldorf Astoria, we will soon get Italian men's brand, Brioni. They take the spot next door to BHLDN and will open in the springtime.

GOLD COAST- On Christian Louboutin's Oak Street Store: We waited and waited until it finally opened for business. Though according to their internal PR spin doctors, the store hasn't "OFFICIALLY OPENED", yet the store is already having a sale. This is Christian Louboutin's first sale and it goes a little something like this: 40% off of fall/winter boots, booties and heels.