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Plywood in Wicker Park; Persimmons Are All The Rage

WRIGLEYVILLE— Following the violence last weekend during a bar crawl gone wrong, Alderman Tom Tunney has proposed regulating bar crawls the way Chicago regulates parades: "Tunney said pub crawl planners could be required to get special event permits, hire private security and repay the city for the cost of extra police patrols, among other things." [DNA Info]

WICKER PARKMAK'S Chinese Cuisine should be opening any day at 1924 W. Division St. on the corner of Damon. A Russian-American place called The Red Square Lounge will open nearby later this month. And just down the street comes Middle Eastern Cuisine. [Wicker Park Bucktown]

TRENDWATCHINGTime Out takes a look at how chefs are using persimmons in Chicago right now. [Time Out]
[Photo via Wicker Park Bucktown]