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Charlie Trotter Wreaks Havoc at His Restaurant Auction

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Last night at Trotter's, Kipling Swehla

On Wednesday Charlie Trotter's recently shuttered namesake attempted to auction off an impressive 1,500 lots; including items such as art, stem wear, tables, and more. However, the auction shut down early and Trotter was acting more than a bit erratic during the whole thing, kicking out members of the press and even shoving the auctioneer. The Sun Times has an account of the auctioning of the photographs:

The notoriously temperamental chef shoved aside the auctioneer as famed photographs that once hung on the restaurant's walls went up for bid at a public auction Wednesday. "Enough." Trotter said. "Do you guys even know what this is? Of course you don't." The auctioneer sheepishly stepped to the back of the room as Trotter let bidders know that what was left of the shuttered restaurant wasn't junk — especially not the collection of Paul Elledge photographs that were selling for about $275 each. "Just so you know, the frames alone are worth like $250, let alone an original image," Trotter said of the Elledge photographs. "Are you kidding me? I mean, I'll f------ buy them myself, together."
The Chicago Tribune says that the auction was cancelled early, but it's unclear if the auction will reopen or not. Oh, and in case you missed it, the writer from the Trib got kicked out of the auction early.
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