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An Easy Bake Oven Video; New Thai Coming to Bucktown

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BUCKTOWN— The Wicker Park Bucktown Insider's Guide reports that a new Thai place called O'Cha is coming soon to Bucktown in the former Daniel's Antiques space on North Damon Avenue. [WPB]

WESTERN SPRINGSChicagoist has a "Behind the Stick" video featuring Bill Anderson, a bartender at Vie Restaurant. Watch the 3.5 minute video to get to know Bill a little bit and learn how to make a gin cocktail. [Chicagoist]

EVERYWHERE— A little YouTube video has popped up with chefs who support the petition for Hasbro to remake their Easy Bake Oven to be more gender neutral. Keep an eye out for local restaurateur Jeff Mahin, co-owner of Do-Rite Donuts. [Gapersblock]

BLOOMINGDALE— Two men have been charged with robbing a pizza delivery man at BB gun-point, the Chicago Tribune reports. The two young men ordered a pizza, and then robbed the delivery man of both pizza and all of his cash. [CT]