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Stephanie Izard to Unleash Little Goat Bread Thursday

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Little Goat Bread the first element of chef Stephanie Izard's upcoming and soon to open restaurant Little Goat is opening to the public this Thursday, December 13 at 820 West Randolph Street. Little Goat Bread is the forthcoming diner's coffee shop, deli, bakery, retail and bar area, and it will serve pastries in the morning, sandwiches for lunch, coffee throughout the day, and will sell all manner of breads to go. The retail portion of the space will also feature other products like Goat merch, Izard's maple syrup blend, and the chef's preferred local honey.

The second element of the space, the cocktail bar, and the third element, the Little Goat diner itself, will hopefully debut later this month. Stay tuned for a peek inside later this week.
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Little Goat

820 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 888 3455

Little Goat Bread

820 West Randolph St., Chicago, IL