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Grant Achatz Talks Next: The Hunt, Alinea Elsewhere

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Grant Achatz revealed a lot during his talk at Sunday's Chicago Humanities Fest. He said the next menu at Next will be called The Hunt and will feature a Midwestern game-focused menu. He also revisited the idea of a food truck with thematic menu changes like Next. But when asked if it could feature cuisine from his other restaurant? "I don't think it'll be Alinea, but why not?"

Achatz also teased they're thinking about taking Alinea to other cities like Paris or London. Co-owner Nick Kokonas confirmed to Eater they're discussing the idea of popping up in two cities, but said doing so is "wildly costly" and that they are "trying to figure out how to properly balance the excitement of doing such projects with the costs associated with them—and making it work for both us and the customers." When asked which two cities, he simply said, "I'd rather not speculate."
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