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Ashkenaz Deli to Close, Da Lobsta Coming In

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After serving Chicago since 1910 from North Lawndale to Rogers Park to its current location in the Gold Coast, Ashkenaz Deli will close according to Crain's. Current owner, Howard Cohan, who bought the intimate restaurant eight years ago, sold it to restaurateur J. Wolf (LA's Glendon Bar & Kitchen), for an undisclosed sum.

Wolf plans to convert the space from the kosher-style deli serving corned beef, matzo ball soup and kugel into the very treif seafood spot Da Lobsta. This new casual spot will focus on $12 lobster rolls, Clam chowder, lobster bisque, salads and more. Talk about going from one extreme to another.
· Gold Coast Jewish Deli to Close [Crain's]

[Photo: Ashkenaz]

Ashkenaz/Da Lobsta

12 E. Cedar, Chicago, IL