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Toss Backs: Violet Hour's Robby Haynes

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Charleston-Haynes-112512.jpg"Lately it's been the Charleston on Thursday nights. John Smillie (from the Violet Hour) is behind the bar then. They have DJs every night and you are just as likely to hear NEU! as you are New Order. They have Augustinerbrau. I love the label on this beer. It might have something to do with the color scheme (Carolina blue on brown) or maybe it's the expression on the old guy's face that says, 'I'm only mildly amused by all of these floating coins and the fact that I'm orange.' It keeps me coming back. Another favorite is Marie's Riptide Lounge (or anywhere else for that matter) when John Kimler is working. John is a bartender's bartender and a shoo-in for the Bartender Hall of Fame. The guy has seen it all. He can talk sports, politics, music, the neighborhood ... you name it." [Toss Backs]