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Hangover Guide: Grilled Cheese at Cheesies

Revert back to the days of youth with this remedy. Cheesies Pub & Grub's grilled cheese sandwiches are the perfect way to chase away the hangover. Each cheesy bite will remind you of mom's homemade goodness, but with some fresh additions.

There's 'The Classic' with cheddar and American cheese, tomatoes, ham and bacon on Texas toast, or mix it up with something different. 'The Tenderizer' brings cheddar, mozzarella, hot sauce, bacon, fried chicken tenders and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce together for a killer combination while 'The Melt' adds American and Chihuahua cheese with a marinated chicken breast, bacon, tomato and thousand island. No sandwich would be complete without a bowl of soup though so choose from tomato, French onion, chicken enchilada and beef chili.

Cheesies Pub & Grub [Photo: Facebook]

Cheesies Pub & Grub

958 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL