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Tossbacks: Sable's Mike Ryan

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richard112812.jpgWhen Mike Ryan isn't mixing up drinks at Sable Kitchen and Bar you may just find him having a cocktail Barrelhouse Flat. Why? Well according to Ryan, "It's easily one of my favorite bars in the city. It's a combination of things. First it's the people. you don't go to bars, you go go bartenders. I've always felt extremely welcome when I walk in there. they have a great selection of booze. If I want a cheap beer and a shot of whisky I can get that, or if I want a complex cocktail I can do that as well." One of Ryan's other favorites is Richard's Bar. "It's been open forever. All the bartenders are in there are in their 50s, 60s 70s. It's a cool rocking dive bar. They have Chicago mafia posters up. On the back wall they have cool black and white headshots of cool Hollywood icons cheap beer. Great juke box. It's a fun scene." [Tossbacks]