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Jenny Kessler's Mister Wilson at Masa Azul

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As part of Eater's first ever Cocktail Week, bartenders at five Chicago restaurants or bars made a special limited-edition cocktail, served just this week. Today we introduce the Mister Wilson from Jenny Kessler at Masa Azul.

[Photo: Tim Hiatt]

Quietly tucked away in Logan Square, Masa Azul's menu and beverage program are anything but quiet. Jenny Kessler has been drawing fans with her inspired tequila- and mezcal-based drinks. And the one she mixed up for Eater—the Mister Wilson—is no different.

The Mister Wilson combines tequila, wine and carpano antica vermouth and is a character unto itself. "Everyone has a Mr. Wilson," Kessler said. "I think of Dennis the Menace and the dorky neighbor. Its whoever you want him to be." Kessler combines a 1/2 ounce pomegranate molasses syrup, 3/4 ounce Carpano Antica vermouth, 1.25 ounces of Protos tinto fino and 1.25 ounces of Fino Estampa Resposado tequila. It's then stirred and strained into a sherry glass and garnished with an orange bow tie, then topped off with a couple dashes of orange and falernum bitters.

"I was playing around with the flavors," she added. "It's its own character and on Eater, everything has its own personality. There are a lot of characters. To me, reading Eater ? I love it. It's like a soap opera."

The Mister Wilson will be available all week (starting Tuesday and through the weekend) at $10. Kessler recommends having it before or after dinner. "You can have it with dinner, but it's a better fit after work and have your butler take you home."

Masa Azul

2901 W. Diversey, Chicago, IL

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