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Peruvian Sports Bar Suite 25 to Open in Logan Square

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This coming Monday, Logan Square may finally get the sports bar it deserves. Suite 25, a new venture from Rio's d'Sudamerica owner Dino Perez, will feature 80 seats, bar, booth and couch seating, 10 TVs showing local and international games, an 80-inch projector screen, and Peruvian and South American inspired bar food. It's located at 2529 N. Milkwaukee Ave. on the second floor, right next to The Rocking Horse, the neighborhood's closest thing to a sports bar right now, and 5 a.m. bar The Owl.

Check out the menu, complete with Incan Tater Tots, Andean Chicken Skewers, Stuffed Burgers (and some healthier items) below. It will be offered at lunch and dinner.

Suite 25

2529 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL