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Watch iNG Teaser Video, See How to Win Dinner at Moto

In a new teaser video for CookiNG Under Pressure, Homaro Cantu recounts how a table of diners was so dissatisfied with their meal that they wanted a refund on a "free fucking meal. They want us to pay them to dine here!" They also hit the road with chef Jeff Mauro and his Jam truck on a random, haphazard journey. And they show a slow-mo shot of a smoking dish of tentacles, taro root and broth, but don't explain what happens with it. Basically it's not super clear what's going on.

So where does dining for free come in? Each Tuesday through Thursday, if you dine at iNG, they'll give out a golden ticket good for dinner for two at Moto and you get to hang out in the kitchen with chef Richie Farina. So go eat so you can hopefully eat more. Just don't ask them to pay you for dinner.
· CookiNG Under Pressure Teaser [You Tube]


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Moto Restaurant

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iNG Restaurant

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