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Ryan Pitts Talks About RL's Iconic Steak Diane

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Welcome to the Eater video feature Untouchables. In it, we highlight iconic cult dishes that are practically synonymous with the restaurants that serve them. They are dishes that persist through menu changes, that diners return to again and again, that chefs can't remove for fear of revolt.

This time we visit RL where exec chef Ryan Pitts talks about the power spot's steak Diane. It starts with a wet-aged 12-ounce Prime New York sirloin, which he calls a "perfect dish" for any steak lover. At RL, they stick with the classics and aren't trying to re-invent the wheel. Their secret, however, is using the "freshest, best-quality ingredients." He said that even though they no longer prepare the steak Diane tableside that there's no way it will ever come off the menu. "It's here to stay. It's an untouchable."

RL Restaurant

115 East Chicago Avenue, , IL 60611 (312) 475-1100 Visit Website