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Charlie Trotter's Christie's Wine Auction Beats Estimates

So that auction for Charlie Trotter's prized wine collection that was estimated to fetch about $1 million during a two-part live auction and online sale? Well, so far only the live auction has taken place (Nov. 16) and has already nabbed nearly that much—$918,027—from just the first session.

"Seeing some of the rare gems from my cellar at auction today felt a bit like parting with old friends at times, but it was gratifying to see so much collector interest and demand from around the world," Trotter said in a statement.

The auction may have already topped $1 million had 60 cases, including some rare bottles of Bordeaux and Burgundy, not been stolen en route to New York after being packed up at the now-shuttered Lincoln Park restaurant. The online sale kicked off today and runs through Dec. 4.
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