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Sarah Grueneberg Talks About Spiaggia's Potato Gnocchi

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Untouchables presents, Spiaggia's Potato Gnocchi from Eater on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Eater video feature Untouchables. In it, we highlight iconic cult dishes that are practically synonymous with the restaurants that serve them. They are dishes that persist through menu changes, that diners return to again and again, that chefs can't remove for fear of revolt.

This time we visit Spiaggia and hear exec chef Sarah Grueneberg talk about what is likely the restaurant's most iconic dish: potato gnocchi in a rich, creamy ricotta sauce with preserved truffle oil. Calling it a "definite staple of Spiaggia," Grueneberg said if they took it off the menu, "people would get up and leave. I think there may be some riots."


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