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Curtis Duffy Opening Grace Reservation Line Nov. 6

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Duffy in Grace's kitchen during construction
Duffy in Grace's kitchen during construction
Photo: Michael Muser

Now you have two things you need to do on Nov. 6: vote (if you haven't gone early) and make a reservation for dinner at one of this year's most anticipated restaurants: Grace. Chef/owner Curtis Duffy will start taking reservations on Election Day via phone only at 312-234-9494 as he has said they want to again make that process more personal. You can save your spot to dine in early December, but the restaurant may open in late November.

If you need a little refresher on what Grace will offer, from prix-fixe menus paired with small-batch wines in a 62-seat dining room to an open kitchen designed by Quebec-based Sani Metal Ltd, with bathrooms based on the seasons and a top-notch service staff being led by partner/wine director Michael Muser, Eater has gone behind the scenes at the restaurant over the last few months. Duffy told Eater after he left now-closed Avenues at the Peninsula, where he previously worked with Muser, that he wants to "be the best restaurant in the country" and wants to "push for three stars." With that confidence, you'd better hope your call goes through on Nov. 6.
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