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Chicago Introduces 23 Proposed Food Truck Stands

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If everything goes as planned, getting your fix from food trucks may get a lot easier. On Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced an ordinance to the City Council with 23 proposed locations where food trucks, like Haute Sausage, Wagyu Wagon, Slide Ride, Tamale Spaceship, Beavers Donuts and more, could legally park around the city for free up to two hours. And it looks like they're going to be in some pretty high-density areas.

A number of the proposed locations are in the heavily trafficked Loop area where parking is often scarce. Truck owners, who can now cook on board the vehicles, may be able to set up near City Hall, Harold Washington College, Chicago Board of Education, NBC Tower and in Grant Park near Buckingham Fountain and the Art Institute.

There are also proposed "food truck stands," which are 200 feet from any physical restaurant, around the city throughout Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Wicker Park, River North, West Town and other neighborhoods. And yes, even the very-populated Groupon HQ building, which has been a popular truck destination, is on the list.

"These dedicated stands for food trucks will provide additional parking opportunities and expanded operations to foster this growing industry," Mayor Emanuel said in a statement. "They will also help to safeguard communities from added congestion and public safety issues, while creating economic opportunity throughout the city."

The City Council will now send the ordinance to committee to be finalized before retuning to the full council for approval in about a month.

The 23 proposed food truck stands:

· 3627 N. Southport Ave.
· 3420 N. Lincoln Ave.
· 3241 N. Lincoln Ave.
· 817 W. Belmont Ave.
· 2934 N. Broadway
· 1005 W. Wrightwood Ave.
· 1030 W. Fullerton Ave.
· 2156 N. Stockton Drive
· 1262 N. Milwaukee Ave.
· 1218 N. Milwaukee Ave.
· 2135 W. Division St.
· 1155 N. Oakley Blvd.
· 1615 W. Chicago Ave.
· 149 N. Ashland Ave.
· 831 N. Wells St.
· 930 N. LaSalle Drive
· 219 W. Chicago Ave.
· 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive
· 828 N. Larrabee St.
· 30 E. Lake St.
· 125 S. Clark St.
· 437 S. Columbus Drive
· 33 W. LaSalle St.

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Haute Sausage [Photo: Facebook]

Tamale Spaceship

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