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Watch a Day in the Life of Richie Farina at Moto

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Moto chef de cuisine, and apparently now partner, Richie Farina had a camera follow him (along with a cam on his head) to capture a day in his life. Rising around 7:30, Farina hangs out for about an hour or so before biking in to work. He spends a bulk of the morning prepping a new dish, The River Course, that involves both smoked salmon and trout, sea beans and chives, bagel foam, cream cheese, potato macaroons, an everything bagel mix and caviar that ends up being served in various presentations. After this, typical kitchen activities ensue, like staff meeting, dinner prep and more, all the while Farina keeps neon sunglasses affixed to his head on top of a bandana.

Following dinner service, the team breaks down and cleans the kitchen before Farina hits the gym after midnight and eventually crawls back into bed at 1:33 a.m. While the activities of the day seem somewhat mundane, they typify what a chef goes through on any given day and show just how many hours they spend in a restaurant.

Want to know what it's like to live his life first hand? iNG is running a contest now where the team is crowd sourcing suggestions for their next themed menu, which will follow the current Martin Scorcese menu that runs through mid-November. The winner will get to spend the day in the Moto kitchen cooking with Farina and get a dinner for two at the restaurant; the runner-up gets dinner for two next door at iNG.

To enter, submit your menu theme idea, in 140 words or less, to their Facebook wall or the iNG twitter feed. Have fun. Get creative. Good luck. Now watch the video...

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