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Behind the Scenes at Grace with Partner Michael Muser

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Photo: Michael Muser

In part three of an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at opening Grace (read parts one and two), Eater contributor Bonjwing Lee (author of the blog the ulterior epicure) talks with partner/wine director Michael Muser about what it takes to run a restaurant with top-notch service.

Muser admits he wants staff to "leave their outside lives outside. I want them in the zone," and is building an employee "salon" for education, tasting and more where they can keep their food and wine knowledge fresh and up to date.

In preparation for the opening, likely in early November, the staff will undergo intense training where they'll be expected to know all details about the space from the food to the furniture. And when things get too intense, they can pop down to the rec room (also part of the salon) to chill out with Xbox games and a Golden Tee, which they're currently looking for. Head over to Eater National to read the full interview and get even more details about Grace.
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652 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL