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Is French Spot Dauphinea Taking Over Il Mulino?

On Thursday, Eater got a couple of tips about a seemingly new French restaurant called Dauphinea that sprouted at the site of the now-shuttered Il Mulino. But what was more interesting was the film crew and yellow Lamborghini out front of the restaurant. So is this a new spot with a reality TV tie-in? Does Guy Fieri have something to do with it?

Turns out, the film crew is for a new Dennis Leary-penned and exec-produced new USA Network comedy series starring Kevin Daniels called Sirens that is shooting its pilot in Chicago. [Side note: Leary was also spotted at nearby Chicago q last night.]

Sirens is set around three Chicago EMTs who are highly qualified in their jobs, but not so much in their personal lives and relationships. The scene being shot last night, which was rescheduled for Monday due to the rain, according to the show's location scout, showed one of the lead ambulance drivers spying on his ex-girlfriend as she exited the restaurant. And that yellow Lamborghini? Just part of the scene where the ex and her date leaned on it while making out and a car full of people watched from across the street.

So what is in store for the restaurant space in the famed Biggs mansion? Still up in the air, but last Eater heard was that Mr. Chow was reportedly in talks, but that is still unconfirmed.
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